Well, here goes. I’m finally taking the plunge and getting my feet wet.

You know God tries to teach us patience in every phase of our lives. However, some of us are much more head strong/hard headed than others.

A week ago I started the endeavor of trying to trade my van in and get a new car. The trade was of course to decrease monthly payments and get twice the gas mileage. Well, this is where God started trying to teach me patience once again. I had already been approved for a certain amount. I find the car I want. Well, in dealing with the dealership in order to have my current loan paid off it meant a small increase from the preapproved loan amount. The car dealership said they could put a hold on the car for only 24 hours which should be plenty of time to deal with the credit union. I thought okay, not a problem. It all started with the salesman dragging his feet in getting the proper paperwork to the credit union. It did not reach them in time the first day. The credit union calls the next morning and says I have what I need but it will take me a while to get everything worked up. At this point, patience should be kicking in. No!! My time is more important than God’s time, right? Wrong!! Credit union drags their feet now. Next day rolls around. Credit union calls and says, well, we don’t know if we want to do this loan on this particular car because the value of it decreases much faster than a car that is a step up in value, cost, gas mileage, etc. I told her no, that’s defeating my purpose of doing this in the first place. Well, of course two days into this and 24 hours is now 48 hours and I’m making numerous calls to the salesman saying, please don’t take the hold off. I promise I’m working on it. Credit union hasn’t said no yet. Finally, approval comes and to the dealership I go. Get the car everything is great. Love the car. Week gone by.

One week later, going to work, eight o’clock traffic. Taking my time. Listening to my praise and worship music. I’m in a great mood. I decide to stop by and get breakfast. Well, I’m stopped waiting to turn in, look in my rearview mirror and what do I see but a huge green trucking coming up behind me with no hope of stopping. I try and avoid him by turning quickly into the breakfast stop and hit a curb, scratch and crack the hubcap on my new car. I go at lunch and $85 later I have a new hubcap. Well, when leaving the parts department I notice this thick, black, oiling looking liquid running down the front of my car from what looks like it is coming from underneath the hood. Okay. Now, running late from lunch, to the service dept. I go. I have five people looking at my new car going, we’ve never seen this before. They finally decide it must be this lubricant that the factory put in my hood to keep it from rusting. They clean my car up and then the service manager says, if it is not to inconvenient for you, for the next few days every couple of days come back by and let us check it for you.

Great!! No problem!! No inconvenience!! Yeah, right!!

I said to my best friend who is with me, what is God trying to teach me. Of course, she says, he is putting you through tests until you pass the test of patience.

My best friend and our minister of music/friend both say to me at different times of the same day, “You know God keeps giving us tests until we pass them.” Okay, yes I admit I must be failing every test.

God grant me the patience to trust your time and not mine.

In Christ,


Well, I’m getting both feet wet at once with this blogging thing.  I’ll have to see how it goes.